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What's Included?

  •  DVD 1: Nutrition Explained (BMR, Glycemic Load, and more)
  •  DVD 2: Nutrition Live: Working out in the kitchen 
  •  DVD 3: Jump Rope Instruction: The basic needed to burn fat fast
  •   DVD 4: Advanced Roping Skills: Improve Coordination and burn fat even faster!
  •   DVD 5: Beginning Jump Work Out: Start to Build up your cardio health and burn fat
  •  DVD 6: Advanced Jump Work Out: Burn Fat Faster with these high intensity workouts
  •   DVD 7: Beginning Resistance Training: Beginning Upper and Lower Body Workouts to get you started
  •   DVD 8: Advanced Lower Body Workout: A leg blasting workout mixed with fat burning cardio
  •   DVD 9: Advanced Upper Body Workout: Develop that "ripped" look you want with this challenging workout mixed with fat burning cardio
  •   DVD 10: Abdominal Workout: An Ab Workout that will really work to get you that elusive six-pack!

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The nutrition DVDs were extremely helpful as I learned a lot about eating. I made some minor adjustments to my diet, and the beginning workouts allowed me to progress at a comfortable pace as I had not exercised in over 15 years. I was concerned about learning the rope jumping for cardio, but the beginning instruction DVD was very easy to follow, and I now love the jump rope workouts. Overall, this is a very complete workout set for us middle agers looking to get into shape.

- Barry W., Iowa
Our high school football coach really pushes us to jump rope for our summer conditioning program. I came across Tim's program and gave it a try for mainly the jump rope instruction. I could already jump rope pretty decent, but the advanced skills instruction was unbelievable! I learned some great skills, and have used these advanced jumping skills to improve my conditioning and coordination. The advanced upper body workout was a killer too. Learned some easy recipes too. This was a great workout for me, and I got my six-pack!

-  Troy D., Arizona
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