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Get Fit This Year!
I Want You to Get in Shape
Every new year we all set goals for the year, and many make weight loss a primary goal. However, many struggle to make it happen. I can help you!
Three Key Steps to Weight Loss
If you want to finally lose those unwanted pounds and get the ripped physique you crave, there are 3 key steps I believe you need to follow to make it happen
Step 1: Nutrition
You can perform any workout routine you want, but if you don't eat right, it will not matter. Nutrition in my opinion is the most important step in a successful weight loss program. Understanding how many calories you need to eat to maintain your healthy weight is critical to your success. You need to learn your personal BMR and how to manage the impact carbs have on your blood sugar. I can help. My two DVDs on Nutrition will guide you through how to modify your daily eating for success.
Step 2: Basic Workout
There are many workout plans out there you can chose from, with many promising you results in a short time period. The reality is, everyone's timetable is different, as some have more weight to lose than others. Many people have not exercised in years, and cannot simply jump into a high intensity workout plan on day 1. With Back-to-Basics, you will start out with beginner workouts to get started in building up a base level of conditioning while shedding some fat. Once you have a base level of fitness, you'll move on the advanced workout DVDs to accelerate your progress.
Step 3: Cheat Day
If we have to give up all our "sin" foods for the rest of our life, you know, the ones we have been eating the most that have made us overweight (maybe obese), we may say forget it. I can't eat boring food the rest of my life. Well first, eating healthy doesn't have to be boring, as I explain in my Nutrition DVDs. While eating healthy with the right portion sizes in critical, so is taking one day a week to eat what you want, that is, ANYTHING YOU WANT!. This is the "cheat day".  
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